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WIND AND FIRE CONFERENCE (DAY 2): Incendiaries for Jesus




TOPIC: Incendiaries for Jesus

SPEAKER: Dr Steve Ogan

BIBLE TEXT: Joel 2:28-29


An incendiary is one who sets things on fire, while incendiaries are a group of people who put things on fire. However, Jesus Christ is the main incendiary (Luke 12:49).

Characteristics of Incendiaries:

Incendiaries for Christ are:

  • Provocative.
  • Subversive.
  • Inflammatory (meaning they create a fire that consumes darkness).
  • Adjudicators.
  • Uncomfortable in darkness.
  • Incendiaries for Christ help ignite the fire in other incendiaries.

 Examples: Gideon, Sampson (was an incendiary for the wrong reason Judges 15:4-5).

Principles for being an incendiary for Christ

  • Preaching the gospel (1Kings 18:21-24): The word of God is a fire which must be released onto the earth (Jeremiah 20:9).
  • Practising the Gospel (Romans 2:21-24).
  • Prophesying with the word (Revelations 19:10): e.g. Elijah provoking fire in Gilead (1Kings 17:1). Prophesy must be rooted in the word of God (1Kings 17:2).
  • Praying about the gospel (Romans 1:9); (1 Kings 17-17).
  • Promoting the gospel (1 Timothy 6:17-19).
  • Pay a price for the gospel (Philippians 1:29); (1 Peter 5:10).
  • Prevail by the gospel


“The gospel that is not preached is useless.”

“Evangelism without intercession is an explosive without detonator. Intercession without Evangelism is a like a detonator without an explosive.”Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

“Every incendiary for Christ must have an upper room.”

“As incendiaries, we don’t take things down when they die, we take them up in the place of prayer.”

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