The School of Eagles

Minister: Rev. Stephen Akinola
Topic: The School of Eagles
Text: Proverbs 30:18,19
We live in evil times. The storm is blowing. The question is: How do the children of God overcome the storm?
“There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not: The way of an eagle in the air . . .” (Proverbs 30:18,19).
God trains his children in the way of the eagle. The eagle is the most powerful bird on the surface of the earth. It is for this reason, God chose it for the pattern of the training of his children.
Twenty (20) attributes of the eagle – which should be the attributes of the life of the children of God (believers):
STRENGTH: Believers must show strength amidst the storms of life.
SPEED: Believers must be swift in their approach and dealings in life.
SKILL: Believers must showcase intelligence/skill in the engagements of life.
STAMINA: Believers must exhibit doggedness in the face of the challenges of life.
SIGHT: Believers must be foresighted in every area of life.
SECRECY: Believers must know when to apply secrecy in the affairs of life.
STRATEGY: Believers must be strategic in their dealings in life.
SUPERIORITY: Believers must strive to be better than their contemporaries in all spheres of life.
SUCCESS: Believers must be successful in all they do. Failure is not an option.
SILENCE: Believers must know when to use the tool of silence in the navigation of life.
STABILITY: Believers must be unshakable in the face of the challenges of life.
SURVIVAL: Believers must possess survival instincts in the midst of the turbulence of life.
SENSITIVITY: Believers must be sensitive to the “signs” and “times” of life.
SUPREMACY: Believers must reign supreme in every of their endeavour.
SURVEILLANCE: Believers must know how to perceive the things of life.
SOAR: Believers must excel in all they do. They must soar in life.
SAFETY: Believers must have assurance of safety in God.
SECURITY: Believers must know that they are secured in God.
STERNNESS: Believers must be fierce and rugged in the spirit.
SURPRISE: Believers must have the element of surprise in certain areas of life.


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