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At The Cross

Text: Phil. 2:5-8, Col. 2:13, Heb.12:1-2

For better understanding of this teaching, the following are the sub-headings:
(1) A day before the cross
(2) The meaning of the cross
(3) The amazing prize God paid
(4) Actions of the cross

A DAY BEFORE THE CROSS: Rom. 5:14, Heb. 2:14
After the fall of man at the Garden of Eden, man lost everything in life. From that time calamity (sicknesses, poverty, pains, problems, etc.) began to struck in man. The restoration of man to his original state. (Gen.3:15). Before the cross death was ruling, all men where held bound in captivity. Heb. 2:14
Before the cross the devil was the one in charge. Matt. 27

Meaning of the cross:
An emblem
A sign of religious identity

Biblical meaning: The instrument by which God paid the full prize of sin for humanity.

The cross is where humanity and divinity meet.

The cross is the solution to all human problems.

3.) Rev. 5:1-4, 2 Cor. 5:21, Isa. 53
The devil fears the cross.

4) The cross is the end of an era and the defeat of Stan.
Matt. 27:50-52
The thief at the cross acknowledged Christ, immediately Jesus turned and said today you shall be with me in paradise.

It is finished (John 19:30). Don’t ever allow the devil to bring guilt upon you.

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